About Project

A home away from home, renting 3BHK villas in an gated community. An exclusive renting service to students provided at an affordable cost with an green environment. Located in an peaceful environment, secured and maintained round the clock. Spacious premises for a better living to move in with your clothes and provisions anytime. Facilities provided to cover your basic needs.

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Terms & Conditions

1 ) Maximum number of students permitted per Villa is 8. If more , 2000 per head to be paid. Only students will be rented.

2 ) Rent to be paid within 5th of every month. Increment of rent for every Financial Year will be made.

3 ) Hammering Nails, Painting, Scribbling or any such work should not be done. If found they will be sent out immediately.

4 ) Consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, Weeds etc are strictly prohibited inside premises, if caught will be sent out immediately.

5 ) Outsiders are not allowed inside. Leave your footwear outside the Villa.

6 ) Any short term damages will be charged immediately.

7 ) Long term damages will be deducted from advance while returning.

8 ) Vehicles to be parked only under Parking Area without causing trouble to other villa students.

9 ) Do not control any Valves, EB METER Switches, Motor Switches, Solar Panels, Borewells Panel board, etc.

10 ) Any problems/disturbances caused to the neighbours or anyway to the premises will be sent out immediately.